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    General information

    A browser cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your device and uses to recognise you across page visits. Cookies have varying origins, purposes and lifetimes, but can be generally broken down into two main categories: first-party and third-party. (The second-party in this scheme would be yourself, and therefore cookies will not apply because you cannot be setting them.)

    First-party cookies

    First-party cookies are set by our website and only we can read them. As you are browsing our website, they enable us to remember your regional preferences, as well as your cart contents. Coincidentally, all of these are considered necessary cookies in our case.

    • languagecurrency (persistent, 1 month): store your regional preferences
    • countryCode: we check what country was your provider's network assigned to, and store it in this cookie; we need this to pre-select a shipping country, as well as make sure you're eligible for free shipping before promoting it to you
    • defaultphpsessid (session, deleted when you close your browser): when a piece of information does not fit into a cookie size limit, we instead put it into a text file on our server, and use these two cookies to store a reference to that file; this normally is used for your cart contents, or an account session if you're logged in

    Third-party cookies

    Third-party cookies are those coming from well-known external services that we, like most websites, use to help us with analytics and marketing. Their lifetime and policies vary. These are optional cookies, and you can always decline them. Because they are out of our control, and could be constantly changing, instead of attempting to list them all, we will name the vendors they are coming from:

    Please consult the respective policies above for more information on each vendor.